Individual Counseling

Transform your life and achieve your goals with professional and personalized support.

Most of my clients are struggling to find balance between work, relationships and truly taking care of themselves. They are so used to worrying about making things easier for everyone else that asking for help feels like a burden. They know all the “right” self care things to do but chasing wellness just leaves them feeling more exhausted.

They struggle to stay in the moment and feel fully present in their lives. Inconveniencing themselves in order to avoid conflict or embarrassment is second nature. They get caught up in working hard to make their experiences look more authentic than they feel that they lose sight of what’s really important to them. They are often distracted by worries about how they are perceived and what others may think of them.

Many of my clients feel a strong responsibility to keep the peace in their families and they easily put their own needs aside. They often feel like they should be doing things differently, then they’ll feel guilty for not changing. Feeling like things need to be perfect often stops them from going after the things they really want.

They spend a lot of time overthinking and analyzing to the point where they doubt themselves and feel confused about their choices. They feel like even small decisions can have huge repercussions and a lot of energy is spent on trying to prepare for the worst. Even small inconveniences can make them feel frustrated and out of control.

Therapy with me may be for you if:

  • You feel anxious and have difficulty controlling your worries
  • You feel like you’re always overthinking and your brain never shuts off
  • You are tired of holding it together for everyone else
  • You feel depressed or tired in general
  • You experience feelings of nervousness such as frequent GI problems, racing heart rate or sleep problems
  • You have trouble setting boundaries and sharing your true emotions
  • You feel like you are always being judged
  • You want to feel confident, relaxed and in control of your life
  • You are willing to be honest with yourself and try out new things
Gain insight, understanding and compassion

At the end of therapy, my clients have a deep understanding of what their greatest strengths and struggles are, who they are at their core and what they value most in life. They have improved communication skills which leads to healthier, more reciprocal relationships and stronger communities. They find what brings them joy and remember to focus on what’s really important in life.

They’ll know how best to take care of themselves with balanced work, exercise, nutrition and sleep. They learn lifelong skills to help them manage emotional highs and lows and feel confident that they can handle whatever may happen in the future.

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