About Me

My Mission is to Empower Your Life

Transform your life with professional and personalized support.

Hi, I’m Sarah Brutscher (pronounced like “crutch” with a b, add the er). I’m a card carrying introvert and by far the most on-time person in my family. I consider myself something of a chocolate chip cookie expert and I love wearing socks with my Birkenstocks. You’ll usually find me bingeing old Survivor seasons and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. You won’t catch me anywhere without my emotional support water bottle in tow, if you know you know!

Early on, I learned how to stuff everything down and be the reliable one. Anxiety and self doubt have held me back from going after things I’ve dreamt about. In my own therapy, I’ve learned how to manage my struggles with curiosity and compassion towards myself. I don’t always have my shit together, but through a lot of trial and error I’ve learned what I need to get back on track. Though my experiences will be different than yours, I want to pass on my knowledge to make it easier for you, too.

I love working with women in their twenties and thirties who feel responsible for everything and everyone in their lives.

I know the energy it takes to be a perfectionist and what it feels like when life doesn’t go according to plan. I know what it’s like to feel beholden to other people’s emotions and I want to help free you of these burdens. I know if I can figure how to find balance and peace, so can you.

As for my education, I earned my Masters degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver and my Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Colorado. After post degree training at the University of Northern Colorado (safe to say I love CO!), I decided to pursue my Professional Counseling License as well as my Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner certification. I became a counselor because I love helping people gain confidence, self worth, and ownership over their lives.

If you feel ready to create a life that works for you, schedule an appointment today!